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event_available06-09. September 2018

map 25813, Husum, DE

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Gastserver Anmeldephase gestartet!

Submitted by S3ph!r on 26.09.2017 - 19:12 with 0 comment

Hey Gamer and Filehunter!


Short before the LAN the next news: Our Guestserver registration is open!

Doesn't matter if you want to bring a NAS, Gameserver or just a TS-Server: Every participant can bring their own server and connect them to our high-(data)traffic area.

To the Overview:  https://www.ngc-germany.de/en/visitorserver

Direct to the Registration:  https://www.ngc-germany.de/visitorserver/addserver


There are some things to be aware of, so we made a small FAQ as usual: 

FAQ: https://www.ngc-germany.de/de/FAQ-Guestserver


If there are still questions, just ask in the forum or via FB :)

Stay Tuned,


NGC Team