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event_available06-09. September 2018

map 25813, Husum, DE

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he NGC takes place in the NordseeCongressCentrum, which was built as a multifunctional house and is operated by the Husum & Congress.

The house is divided into different areas, including the hall which in normal operation with a row seating of 400-1000 people, which is converted at the NGC to the play area of ​​210 people. This area is our premium area, which is equipped with the chairs and tables of the fair. Between the rows of tables, the distance is about 120cm. In these places, each player has a 120 x 80cm large and you sit in the area where you have direct view of the stage, where in the meantime, for example. Sweepstakes, the award ceremony, small games Sessions on the screen.

The foyer where the B & C areas are housed actually serves as an exhibition space at fairs or as a party space. The tables in these areas are equipped with 170 x 80cm tables where two players sit at such a table. This category is the largest on the LAN, which has a total of 340 seats. With the distances between the rows of tables it is in area B with 120cm and in area C with just under 150cm a bit more space for each player. In this area is also a canvas, which displays the same as the canvas in the hall.

The outdoor area between the exhibition hall and the NordseeCongressCentrum is used by Laserwerk in Kaltenkirchen, where a small parkour with lounge for the days is being built. This area is open all the time, be it for a leisurely drink in the lounge or to spend some energy during laser day. Of course, Lasertag can only be played if the weather cooperates.

The exhibition hall functions as a sleeping place, which is separated by half. In this area everyone has guaranteed 1x2m area to sleep. On a total area of ​​almost 1600m² less the men's shower containers and the escape and rescue routes, however, everyone has a bit more space. The showers for the ladies are in the NCC.

On the ground floor of the NCC there is also a lounge and bar, where refreshing cocktails and soups can be brought in at night. The area is located in the entrance area, where the passage to the outdoor area is located.