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event_available06-09. September 2018

map 25813, Husum, DE

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Every year Laserwerk from Kaltenkirchen comes to the NGC and builds a playing area for Lasertag

in the outdoor area between the exhibition hall and the NCC.

There you can compete in different game modes against friends or against others and all for free for all participants of the LAN!

In addition, tournaments are also always held, where you can compete against a team of NGC employees.


Beat the Pro!


You would like to measure yourself with a professional in Counter Strike: Global Offensive?

With the NGC you have this possibility!

At the NGC you can compete against different professionals from the NGC Masters and see how good you are.

The hardware and perephery is provided and can be thoroughly tested in the course of this.

Playing on a 7x4m big screen? Cool!

Be it classics such as Mario Kart or new games like Gang-Beasts - In the evenings you are welcome to compete with us on the screen

This is always played spontaneously, so always like to ask once on stage when the next session takes place.

In- and Outdoor-Lounges

For the times between the tournaments and the moments where you want to relax together, there are our two lounges.

On the one hand, our lounge in the outdoor area, where you can watch the people next to the one or the other drink on Lasertag.

On the other hand, the lounge at the bar, where incidentally relaxed music is running.


The live streams to the NGC Masters or the main tournaments of the LAN can be watched live via the usual portals.

Of course, if you feel like moderating a tournament, you can.

Please tell us about the game / tournament and a link to the stream, then we can publish it.

These are sometimes also streamed across the screens in area A and area B / C.



Of course, during the LAN, tournaments and other games are also planned that have nothing to do with computers.

Et al Every year there is a Flunkyball tournament and Beer Pong. We have the right drink for the games!

Of course, the games that are played always depend on the weather.

Award ceremonies

On Saturday night after the last games of the tournaments, the prizes, medals and cups will be handed over to the winners of the various tournaments on stage in the area A.