event_available26 -29. April 2018

map 25813, Husum, DE

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NGC 2018 Countdown




Nordish Gaming Convention organizes NGC Masters #1 a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament in Messe Husum & Congress, Germany on October 5.-8.
In which 8 teams will be competing for a €15,000 EUR prize pot.
Nordish Gaming Convention is proud to present the latest and newest and BIGGEST Tournament ran by us.
The NGC Masters is featured with 15000 € Prizepot. 8 Teams will be competing for these starting Thursday 5th October with the finals taking place Saturday 7th October!
We will be working on German, English and Russian Streams for the Tournament!
Quick Static facts about NGC Masters
Time: Thurs-Sat, Oct 5-7, 2017
Place: Messe Husum & Congress, Germany
Teams: 8
Prizes: €15,000 EUR
Format: GSL groupstage + single elimination playoffs
Participation: Invites + 2x Online qualifiers!

1st.  8000 EUR
2nd. 4000 EUR
3rd.  1500 EUR
4th.  1500 EUR

All times in CEST
Groupstage - Thursday - Group A
13:00 Initial round match #1  BO1
~14:40 Initial round match #2 BO1
~16:20  Winners Match  BO1
~18:00 Elimination match BO3
~21:30 Decider BO3
Groupstage - Friday - Group B
12:00 Initial round match #1  BO1
~13:40 Initial round match #2 BO1
~15:20  Winners Match  BO1
~17:00 Elimination match BO3
~20:30 Decider    BO3
Saturday Playoffs
Playoff Round Match #1 13:00  BO3
~Playoff Round Match #2 16:30  BO3
~Final: 20:00    BO3
All matches with ~ mark will be using accelerated schedule, meaning they will start earlier if possible.
# Name
1.   ALTERNATE aTTaX (HUNDEN, stfN, ecfN, syrsoN, tiziaN)
2.  North Academy (LOMME, glace, mertz, gade, acoR)
3.  Mortal Kombat (dream3r, shEMETA, spyleadeR, v1c7oR, BrN)
4.  Tricked Esport (Inzta, Ryxxo, Lukki, Console, refrezh)
5.  Team Singularity (BENDJI, robiin, Sayf, dipparn, Dumas)
6.  AGO Gaming (Furlan, GruBy, Snatchie, TOAO, Phr)
7.   Final-Gaming (Thraizer, aNtrex, sAhais, moVe, devalter)
8.   EURONICS Gaming (Crisby, kZy, maRky, sykeN, kressy)