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map 25813, Husum, DE

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NGC 2018 Countdown


The Nordish Gaming Convention organized with the NGC Masters a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Tournament at Husum & Congress on 5-8 October 2017

Here 8 teams participated and played for a total prize money of € 15,000.
6 of the 8 teams were invited and 2 teams were able to qualify for the tournament via an online qualifier.
The teams came from 5 different nations and participated in the tournament, with the team "Tricked Esport" from Denmark winning the title.
The tournament was broadcasted in German, English, Russian and Polish
The transfer of the games was taken over by 99Damage, which was broadcast by them on Twitch.


Facts about the NGC Masters
Date: Thursday - Saturday, October 5 - 7, 2017
Place: Messe Husum & Congress, Germany
Teams: 8
Prize money: € 15,000
Format: GSL group phase + single elimination playoffs
Participation: Invite + 2x Online qualifier!

Prize money:
1 Place.  8000 EUR
2 Place.. 4000 EUR
3 Place.  1500 EUR
4 Place.  1500 EUR





 ALTERNATE aTTaX (HUNDEN, stfN, ecfN, syrsoN, tiziaN)


 North Academy (LOMME, glace, mertz, gade, acoR)


 Mortal Kombat (dream3r, shEMETA, spyleadeR, v1c7oR, BrN)


 Tricked Esport (Inzta, Ryxxo, Lukki, Console, refrezh)


 Team Singularity (BENDJI, robiin, Sayf, dipparn, Dumas)


 AGO Gaming (Furlan, GruBy, Snatchie, TOAO, Phr)


 Final-Gaming (Thraizer, aNtrex, sAhais, moVe, devalter)


 EURONICS Gaming (Crisby, kZy, maRky, sykeN, kressy)