fbpx Der erste Partner der NGC18: Nitrado | [NGC] Nordish Gaming Convention

event_available06-09. September 2018

map 25813, Husum, DE

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Der erste Partner der NGC18: Nitrado

Submitted by Zizzen on 18.07.2018 - 15:33 with 0 comment

Hey NGCler,

After a long period of inactivity, today we are hewing out some cool news and there is another raffle!

The first and longtime partner we introduce to you is of course Nitrado. Nitrado as a leading server host in Germany is self-explanatory again at the start of the NGC.

Nitrado's staff and managers are big fans of the event, the participants, the helpers and the great atmosphere it brings.

Nitrado itself was created a long time ago due to a LAN and that's why they want to provide, LAN parties to receive and we are very pleased that you have chosen us for it. Since 2015 you take the long journey from Karlsruhe every year to supply us with servers.

So let all Like on their Facebook page to thank us! We are very happy about the further cooperation with Nitrado. Stay tuned what else we have ready for you!

Your NGC team (You can find the raffle on the NGC Facebook page)